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22nd European Cosmic Ray Symposium in Turku, Finland

3 - 6 August 2010


TUESDAY 3-Aug-2010

1A_PI: PLENARY SESSION 3 (Chair: I. Usoskin)

Ting:    The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on International Space Station
Picozza:    Understanding cosmic rays and searching for exotic sources with PAMELA
Sasaki:    The BESS experimental astroparticle physics program

1A_Pa1: Parallel Session 3 (Chair: E. Valtonen)
Baldini:    Measurement of the cosmic-ray electron spectrum with the Fermi LAT (Invited)
Mikhailov:    Cosmic ray electron and positron spectra measured by PAMELA
Panov:    Possible structure of the cosmic ray electron spectrum measured by the ATIC-2 and ATIC-4 experiments
Karelin:    High energy cosmic-ray proton and helium spectra
Obermeier:    Measuring the B/C ratio with TRACER
Carbone:    Observational capabilities and techniques for the study of light-nuclei in cosmic rays with the PAMELA experiment

1A_Pa2: Parallel Session 5 (Chair: R. Vainio)
Bell:    Shocks, magnetic field and energetic particles (Invited)
Wibig:    Composition of the ankle (Invited)
Telezhinsky:    Exploring cosmic ray spectra in supernova remnants
Meli:    Numerical modelling of relativistic shock acceleration (Invited)
Tammi:    Particle acceleration timescales in relativistic jets
Schlickeiser:    Ultrahighenergy galactic cosmic rays from distributed focused acceleration
Thoudam:    On the possible correlation between the high energy electron spectrum and the cosmic-ray secondary to primary ratios

1P_PI: PLENARY SESSION 5 (Chair: R.Schlickeiser)
Jokipii:    Magnetic-field amplification and particle acceleration at supernova shocks
Waxman:    Particle acceleration at relativistic shocks with applications to gamma-ray bursts and UHECRs
Bergström:    Dark matter signatures in cosmic rays

1P_Pa1: Parallel Session 3 (Chair: M. Panasyuk)
Wu:    Measurements of cosmic ray antiprotons with PAMELA
Mayorov:    Globular cluster of antistars as a source of antihelium
Mayorov:    Search for antihelium in cosmic rays in PAMELA experiment
Muraki:    Detection of neutrons at ISS by SEDA-AP
Spillantini:    Status and perspectives of CALET experiment on ISS
Shchutska:    Towards the low energy cosmic ray measurement with PERDaix
Takahashi:    Balloon-borne gamma-ray telescope with nuclear emulsion
Suchkov:    The possibilities of simultaneous detection of gamma rays, cosmic-ray electrons and positrons on the GAMMA-400 space observatory

1P_Pa2: Parallel Session 4 (Chair: M. Giller)
Menjo:    Energy spectra measuered by a LHC forward experiment : LHCf
Melissas:    Overview of radio-detection of cosmic ray air showers and prospects for a larger scale experiment
Deligny:    Limits on the diffuse flux of ultra high energy neutrinos using the Pierre Auger Observatory
Buitnik:    Constraints on ultra-high energy neutrino flux from radio observations of the Moon
Blaschke:    ALTA/CZELTA - A Sparse Very Large Air Shower Array: overview and recent results
Sarkamo:    Developments in shower reconstruction and composition analysis for CARPET-3 EAS array
Iyono:    Cosmic ray primary composition studies through the Gerasimova-Zatsepin effects of heavy nuclei at LAAS
Lauer:    Directional correlations between UHECRs and neutrinos observed with IceCube

WEDNESDAY 4-Aug-2010

2A_PI: PLENARY SESSION 2 (Chair: Y. Muraki)

Flueckiger:    Terrestrial effect of cosmic rays
Muscheler:    Long-term variations of galactic cosmic rays inferred from cosmogenic isotopes
Marsden:    Energetic particles observation in the 3D-heliosphere - past, presence and future

2A_Pa1: Parallel Session 2 (Chair: P. Kiraly)
Wolfendale:    Cosmic rays and global warming - an update (Invited)
Storini:    Energetic particles near Earth: relations to Space Weather studies (Invited)
Seppälä:    Solar energetic particles and their effects on the chemistry of the middle and upper atmosphere (Invited)
Sloan:    Atmospheric Ionization - comparison of data and simulation
Muraki:    Cosmic rays and the width of tree rings
Riipinen:    Atmospheric data over a solar cycle: no connection between galactic cosmic rays and aerosol formation events
Kavlakov:    Global hurricane activity interconnection with cosmic ray intensity changes

2A_Pa2: Parallel Session 4 (Chair: K.-H. Kampert)
Karg:    The IceCube observatory: Status and initial results (Invited)
Margiotta:    The ANTARES detector (Invited)
Prosin:    Tunka-133: Methods of extensive air shower parameters reconstruction (Invited)
Surdo:    Cosmic ray physics by the ARGO-YBJ experiment (Invited)
Bertaina:    The cosmic ray energy spectrum in the range 1016 - 1018 eV measured by KASCADE-Grande (Invited)
Caruso:    General overview of recent results from the Pierre Auger Observatory (Invited)

2P_PI: PLENARY SESSION 4 (Chair: T. Suomijärvi)
Kouchner:    High energy neutrino astronomy
Haungs:    Cosmic rays in the knee energy range
Ghia:    Ultra-high energy cosmic rays

2P_Pa1: Parallel Session 2 (Chair: E. Flueckiger)
Lidvansky:    Strong variations of cosmic ray intensity during thunderstorms and associated pulsations of the geomagnetic field
Chilingarian:    Particle fluxes from thunderstorm clouds
Calderon:    Measurement of the charge ratio of atmospheric muons with the CMS detector
Anicin:    Simultaneous determination of long-term average fluxes of CR muons and solar pp-neutrinos
Malakhov:    Pitch-angle distribution of isotropes of protons trapped in radiation belt
Grishantseva:    Spatial characteristics of high energy electron and positron fluxes of secondary origin in the near Earth space
Berkova:    Daily distribution of high ionization cosmic ray component on the 'DOCH-4m' telescope
Salvini:    Background radioactivity in the scaler mode technique of the ARGO-YBJ detector
Storini:    Solar energetic particles in the terrestrial polar caps

2P_Pa2a: Parallel Session 4 (Chair: A. Insolia)
Kuusiniemi:    Underground multi-muon experiment EMMA
Kislat:    Measurement of the all-particle cosmic ray energy spectrum with IceTop
Erlykin:    Do we see an iron knee?
Knurenko:    The depth of maximum shower development and its fluctuations: Cosmic ray composition at E0 > 1017 eV

2P_Pa2b: Parallel Session 5 (Chair: A. Meli)
Jenko:    Scaling theory for cross-field transport of cosmic rays in turbulent fields (Invited)
Spanier:    Simulation of charged particle diffusion in MHD plasmas
Stenkin:    Why the knee at 100 PeV could not be seen?
Conceição:    Mass composition and cross-section from the shape of cosmic ray shower longitudinal profiles

THURSDAY 5-Aug-2010


Panasyuk:    Cosmic ray physics in space: the role of Sergey Vernov
Dorman:    Academician Sergei Nikolaevich Vernov and foundations and development of cosmic ray variations research in USSR
Stozhkov:    S. N. Vernov and study of cosmic rays in the atmosphere
Dergachev:    Scientific activity of academician Sergei Vernov in Apatity (Kola peninsula) and Leningrad during 1968-1982 years

3A_PI2: PLENARY SESSION 8 (Chair: E. Valtonen)
Tanskanen:    The history of cosmic ray research in Finland
Valtaoja:    History of high-energy astronomy in Finland

3P_Pa1: Parallel Session 1 (Chair: B. Heber)
Sandroos:    Shock acceleration in the solar corona (Invited)
Battarbee:    Coronal shock acceleration of protons and minor ions in self-generated turbulence
Kocharov:    Major solar energetic particle events in three dimensions
Morgado:    A fully integrated model for Ulysses/HISCALE and ACE/EPAM data
Schlickeiser:    Decoding high-frequency solar wind turbulence with nonrelativistic linearized Vlasov-Maxwell instability theory
Tylka:    Magnetic field-line source regions and variability in heavy ion composition in gradual solar energetic particle events
Klein:    New projects related to solar and heliospheric cosmic rays (NMDB)
Vainio:    New projects related to solar and heliospheric cosmic rays (SEPServer)

3P_Pa2: Parallel Session 4a NEW INSTRUMENTATIONS (Chair: M. Fukushima)
Kleifges:    The northern site of the Pierre Auger Observatory (Invited)
Casolino:    Detecting ultra-high-energy cosmic rays from space, with unprecedented acceptance: Objectives and design of the JEM-EUSO Mission (Invited)
de Wolf:    KM3NeT status (Invited)
Trzaska:    LAGUNA - Large Apparatus for Grand Unification and Neutrino Astrophysics (Invited)
Ikeda:    Results from the Telescope Array Experiment (Invited)

FRIDAY 6-Aug-2010

4A_PI: PLENARY SESSION 1 (Chair: S. McKenna-Lawlor)

Fichtner:    IBEX - the heliosphere at the solar minimum
Krimigis:    Voyagers' view of cosmic rays in the heliosheath and the shape of the ENA heliosphere
Kocharov:    Towards realistic models of interplanetary transport of solar energetic particles

4A_Pa1: Parallel Session 1 (Chair: R. Vainio)
Casolino:    PAMELA measurements at the minimum of cycle 23 and potential of cycle 24 (Invited)
Klein:    Origin of solar cosmic rays: Flares, CMEs and other coronal activity (Invited)
Malandraki:    Corotating interaction regions, coronal mass ejections and energetic particles (Invited)
Laitinen:    Case studies on the effect of pre-event background in solar particle event timing
Vashenyuk:    Features of relativistic solar proton spectra derived from GLE modeling
Daibog:    Sequences of electron and proton events with similar characteristic decay times
Podzolko:    Solar proton events and passive Carrington longitudes on the Sun

4A_Pa2: Parallel Session 6 (Chair: J. Poutanen)
Aharonian:    In Memory of Alexander Plyasheshnikov
Hinton:    Cherenkov telescope arrays (Invited)
Bugaev:    Different concepts of next generation IACT arrays (Invited)
Sinnis:    The High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) telescope (Invited)
Nakatsuka:    An evaluation of electron-photon cascades developing in matter, photon and magnetic fields

4P_PI: PLENARY SESSION 6 (Chair: G. Sinnis)
Thompson:    Highlights of GeV gamma-ray astronomy
de Angelis:    Astrophysics with very and ultra-high energy gamma-rays

4P_Pa1: Parallel Session 1 (Chair: T. Laitinen)
Kiraly:    Energetic ion fluxes during recent solar minima
Gieseler:    Latitudinal and radial gradients of galactic cosmic ray protons in the inner heliosphere - PAMELA and ULYSSES observations
Grandi:    Antiproton modulation in the heliosphere and prediction for AMS-02
Sako:    Modeling of the high-energy galactic cosmic-ray anisotropy
Wawrzynczak-Szaban:    The three dimensional non stationary model of the Forbush decrease of galactic cosmic ray intensity with the changeable solar wind
Abunin:    Forbush-effects with sudden and gradual onset
Eroshenko:    Cosmic ray anisotropy during the Forbush effects as a possible indicator of the solar source location
Kostyuk:    Forbush decreases influence on registered high energy muon flux

4P_Pa2: Parallel Session 6 (Chair: F. Aharonian)
Poutanen:    On the origin of GeV breaks in blazars
Petkov:    Search for high energy gamma-ray bursts
Vernetto:    Gamma ray sources observation with the ARGO-YBJ detector
Udo:    Observation of the Fermi bright galactic sources at TeV energies with the Tibet air-shower experiment
Britto:    Observations with the High Altitute GAmma-Ray (HAGAR) telescope array in the Indian Himalayas
Sinitsyna:    Very-high energy gamma-ray astronomy of galactic and extra-galactic sources by SHALON
Chilingarian:    Statistical techniques in background rejection for the imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes
Lagutin:    From Gamma-1 to HEGRA and H.E.S.S.: contribution of the Altai gamma-ray research group

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