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22nd European Cosmic Ray Symposium in Turku, Finland

3 - 6 August 2010

About ECRS

European Cosmic Ray Symposium (ECRS) is a biennial forum where scientists from Europe
and other parts of the world can gather and discuss the actual problems and new findings
in cosmic ray physics. Traditionally ECRS covers the whole spectrum of cosmic-ray related
studies, from solar-terrestrial to ultra-high energy. The series of ECRS has been
initiated in 1968 and since then takes place every two years, between biennial International
Cosmic Ray Conferences. During its 40-year history ECRS has been hosted in 12 European
countries (see the list below), and in 2010 will take place in Finland, the first time in
a Nordic country.

ECRS   Year   Location
1st   1968   Bern (Switzeland) and Lodz (Poland)
2nd   1970   Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Leeds (UK)
3rd   1972   Göttingen (Germany) and Paris (France)
4th   1974   Lodz (Poland) and Frascatti (Italy)
5th   1976   Leeds (UK)
6th   1978   Kiel (Germany)
7th   1980   Leningrad (USSR)
8th   1982   Rome (Italy)
9th   1984   Košice (Czechoslovakia)
10th   1986   Bordeaux (France)
11th   1988   Balaton (Hungary)
12th   1990   Nottingham (UK)
13th   1992   Geneva (Switzerland)
14th   1994   Balatonfüred (Hungary)
15th   1996   Perpignan (France)
16th   1998   Madrid (Spain)
17th   2000   Lodz (Poland)
18th   2002   Moscow (Russia)
19th   2004   Florence (Italy)
20th   2006   Lisbon (Portugal)
21st   2008   Košice (Slovakia)
22nd   2010   Turku (Finland)
23rd   2012   Moscow (Russia)
24th   2014   Kiel (Germany)
25th   2016   Torino (Italy)
26th   2018   Barnaul (Russia)
27th   2022   Nijmegen (Netherlands)

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Capital of
Space Research Laboratory, Department of Physics and Astronomy
FI-20014 University of Turku, Finland
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