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22nd European Cosmic Ray Symposium in Turku, Finland

3 - 6 August 2010

International Advisory Committee:

A. W. Wolfendale (chairman) University of Durham, UK
P. Kiraly KFKI Research Institute for particle and Nuclear Physics, Budapest, Hungary
I. Anicin Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
J. N. Capdevielle Astroparticule et Cosmologie APC, Paris, France
A. Chilingaryan Yerevan Physics Institute, Armenia
J. Dias de Deus IST/CENTRA, Lisbon, Portugal
A. Erlykin Lebedev Institute Moscow, Russia
E. Flückiger University of Bern, Switzerland
M. Giller University of Lodz, Poland
P. Gorodetzky Astroparticule et Cosmologie APC, Paris, France
G. F. Krymsky Institute of Cosmophysical Research and Astronomy, Yakutsk, Russia
K. Kudela Institute of Experimental Physics and Slovak Academy of Sciences, Košice, Slovakia
M. Panasyuk Moscow State University, Russia
P. Picozza University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy
M. Pimenta IST/LIP, Lisbon, Portugal
O. Ryazhskaya Russia Academy of Sciences and Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow, Russia
O. Saavedra University of Torino, Italy
M. Simon University of Siegen, Germany
P. Spillantini University of Florence, Italy
M. Teshima Max-Planck-Institute for Physics, Germany

Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC):

I. Usoskin (Finland, chair)
R. Vainio (Finland)
E. Valtonen (Finland)
J. Poutanen (Finland)
F. Aharonian (Germany)
G. Bazilevskaya (Russia)
B. Heber (Germany)
K. Kampert (Germany)
M. Panasyuk (Russia)
R. Schlickeiser (Germany)
T. Suomijärvi (France)

Local Organizing committee (LOC):

Eino Valtonen (chair)
Markus Battarbee
Timo Eronen
Heli Hietala
Timo Laitinen
Jussi Lehti
Esa Riihonen
Jouni Saari

Turku 20011 Turku 2011,
Capital of
Space Research Laboratory, Department of Physics and Astronomy
FI-20014 University of Turku, Finland
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