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22nd European Cosmic Ray Symposium in Turku, Finland

3 - 6 August 2010

Presentations Info

Oral presentations

The lecture room is equipped with a PC projector and an overhead projector. PCs will be available for presentations, supporting PDF and Powerpoint formats. If you wish to use this option, please bring the presentations by USB memory stick or CD to the organizers in advance. If you wish to show animations/movies using the supplied PCs, please contact the local organizers at the meeting in time to make sure that suitable codecs are available or can be installed, as due to technical reasons this may prove difficult.

The use of own laptops is also possible. In this case also please contact the organizers at the meeting in advance for testing the connections.

Details on how to deliver your oral presentation, and how and who to contact for testing of movies and laptop connections, will be given on this page later.

Poster presentations

The poster board size is 87 cm x 117 cm (width x height). The presenters are advised to remove the posters themselves, as we will not be able to send them to you afterwards: any poster left in the poster area after the meeting will be disposed.

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